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hurricane - chapter 6

Title: Hurricane (based off of Nolan's Inception)
Genre: Science-fiction, Thriller
Rating: PG-13
Characters: 2PM, Big Bang's TOP, f(x)'s Victoria
Summary: A team of eight delve into the subconscious of a criminologist who himself is well-versed in the art of dream mechanics. It isn't until they reached the depths of his mind do they find that he's as disturbed as the serial killers he deals with in his profession
A/N: Posters of each of the main characters will be posted with each new chapter.

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Chansung stood in one of the dressing rooms behind the stage of the theatre. He looked in the mirror and straightened out his tie and smoothed out the wrinkles in his sleeves before heading to the door. Before turning the door handle, something yellow caught his eye. To the left of the room was a round table, with a fruit basket sitting on top.

Chansung was tempted to go and snag a couple bananas from the bunch, but he restrained himself and walked out, leaving behind and empty room—until he went back in and took the whole bunch of bananas.

Chansung wasn’t sure where Junsu was at the moment, and spent a minute or two wandering backstage, eating bananas. The actors and actresses were all busy preparing themselves; dressing up, putting on make up, practicing their lines and songs in time for the performance in half an hour. He was on his third banana and couldn’t find a bin to throw the peels in—or rather he was too lazy to talk across the long backstage area to do so, so when nobody was looking, he tucked them under one of the white powder wigs on the long vanity counter he was passing by. Sneakily stepping away, he turned and saw Junsu near the steps to the stage, craning his neck, looking around.

“Hyung, what are you looking for?”

1야 이 바보 멍충아,” Junsu cried out, pointing at him, “Why are you eating?”

“Bananas!” Chansung said cheerfully, showing what was remaining of the bunch he stole. From the look on Junsu’s face, Chansung defended, “The—they were free,” his smile disappearing into a look of concern. He took another bite of the banana he held in his right hand.

“Wooyoung left the bag with the equipment backstage in a safe, but I haven’t been able to find one,”

Chansung looked around, “he put an ice cream machine backstage but not the safe we need?” Chansung pointed to one far wall of the backstage area, hidden away from view, and a large machine peaked through the black canvas curtains, its blue lights shining.

2뭐야, 이게,” Junsu muttered annoyed under this breath. They both walked up to it, Chansung finished the last of the bananas, tossing it into a nearby waste bin. In order to view the machine in its entirety, they draped the curtain around themselves.

“Ahh Wooyoung, I’m going to kill him,” Junsu said, running his hands over the large panel buttons.

“Hyung,” Chansung said laughing. He pointed to one of the panels in the bottom right corner, “Is that the bag we’re looking for?”

Junsu snickered along with Chansung. “Okay, so how do we get it out?” Junsu started running his hands over the machine, looking for a lever or a handle or a button, but Chansung interjected, “I think we’re supposed to put a coin in.

Junsu stopped laughing. “He expects us to pay for this? Dammit, Wooyoung, why do you insist on playing around,” he muttered when looking in his pocket for coins.

“It’s not like you’re really paying, it’s a dream. Here,” Chansung said, placing a coin inside the machine. Chansung pressed the panel and the front opened up and swung on a hinge. Inside the refrigerated machine, they found a black bag tucked behind the ice cream bars. Chansung grabbed the bag and smiled as he handed it to Junsu.

The pair walked out from under the curtain after closing the door of the vending machine.

“Ahh Wooyoung,” Junsu muttered, “you know, we worked together in the past. The architect designed an airport terminal for one of the dream levels, and taught it to Wooyoung, but Wooyoung decided it would be fun to add in a roller coaster.”

Chansung laughed really hard.

“It was funny until Wooyoung forged himself as the Mark’s niece and insisted they ride together a few times.”

“Did it work out in the end?” Chansung asked as they walked up the stairs to the stage.

“Well …” Junsu stalled, “it worked perfectly because he was able to convince the Mark to relinquish the location of the suitcase containing the information we were trying to extract. Regardless, that does not give him the freedom to just mess around.” Junsu pouted.

Just then, a man called out from behind them.

“Excuse me sir, why aren’t you getting ready?”

Both boys turned around. A stagehand, possibly the one in charge from the headset he was wearing, was speaking to one of them.

“Go get ready!” he yelled, coming up the stairs. He grabbed Chansung’s arm and pulled him back down.

“Whaa—,” Chansung stuttered, “what are you doing?!”
“You’re one of the soldiers right? Get back into your dressing room and get your make up on, why are you wandering around?”

Chansung was so confused about what was happening that he couldn’t say anything, but he just looked at Junsu helplessly.

“Wait wait, excuse me, he’s not—“ Junsu started, but the stage hand cut in, “You, why are you back here? Go back outside and wait. Visitors are not allowed back stage. You, GO.”

Junsu started panicking. Chansung was already gone by the time he could fathom what just happened. Taking out his phone, he quickly dialled Junho’s number.

“Junho-yah! I need help! Come down to the stage area right away.”

“Why what happened?”

“The stage manager thought Chansung was part of the cast so he took him back into the dressing room.”

“WHAT?! Have you tried to explain to him that he isn’t?”

“I’m going to go back and try to take care of it, but I need you to take over planting the explosives on the rooftop. How soon can you get here?”

“Okay, Taecyeon and Jaebeom are here, Victoria and I will be there in a minute.”

Junsu hung up the phone and stepped off the stage and waited beside the orchestra pit. From the corner of his eye, he saw Junho and Victoria walk out of the alcove of the stairwell. They both ran across to Junsu and he handed them the bag.

“”You have to get him out, you know,” Junho said, concerned, “Can’t you just take out the stage manager and reap him?”

“I can’t because we’re depending on the show running smoothly to time the kick,” Junsu replied, his hand on his forehead, demonstrating his worry.

“Well figure something out, get Chansung out before the show starts, people are filling the seats already,” Junho said, pointing to the audience.

“Okay okay, I’ll take care of it, just make sure everything’s set up.”

Junho nodded and gestured Victoria to follow him. Junsu, on the other hand, headed back stage and while beginning to figure out what to do, Chansung bumped into him.

“Chansung-ah! How did—I was just about to get you,” Junsu stuttered.
“Hyung, hurry, let’s go before he sees me again,” he said while pushing him back up the stairs and down past the orchestra pit.

“Put how did you make it out?” Junsu said, confused, still being lead out by the younger man.

“I’ll tell you later, just go go go!”

Chansung pushed him through into the alcove of the stairwell, giving a final look over his shoulder before breathing a sigh of relief. Both climbed up the flights of stairs and wandered the hallways above the ceiling of the theatre and climbed a ladder to the roof.

“Hey, you escaped!” Junho said smiling, standing up after attaching the bomb beside his feet.

Junsu reached inside the bag and pulled out a couple of the explosives.

“You have the detonator right?” Junsu asked, looking through the bag. Junho held up a small device, and nodding.

“So how come the stage manager took you to the back?” Victoria asked.

Chansung laughed, “The reason why the stage hand thought I was part of the cast was because I looked Italian, so he thought I was one of the foreign actors.”

Chansung bent down and placed it next to his right foot after thinking about the points that Taecyeon marked down on the blueprints.

“I just told him that I was just about to leave to buy some ice cream, but I offered to get him some too, so he told me to hurry up and come back.”

Victoria spoke up, “since you got this taken care of, I’m going to head back down and help Taecyeon and Jaebeom work on the rings.”

After a while, they planted about a two dozen bombs along the roof, all along marked points noted by Taecyeon. Chansung walked to the edge of the building and stared out.

“Wow, Taecyeon and Wooyoung didn’t spare the details when it came to making this place.” In the distance, he could see city roads, sky scrapers, old Gothic Revival style homes and buildings. Past all that, he saw the ocean, the sun nearly setting, bathing the city in an orange glow.

Junho walked to him and said, “to be fair, they just drew the lines. Seung Hyun coloured everything in.” Both had their arms crossed watching the sunset, their feet just inches from the side of the building.
From within, they heard loud music from the orchestra.

“Sounds like they started. We better get to our seats,” Junsu said behind them, the messenger bag slung over his shoulder.

The three climbed down the ladder and walked back through the hallway into the stairwell.

“Do we really have to watch the Opera?” Chansung said as they reached the third ring.

“We could wait by the bar until Wooyoung comes by to pick up the drinks and just get ready to hook Seung Hyun up to PASIV device.”

“Great, because I want some more bananas.”


1야 이 바보 멍충아! translates into You Idiot!

2뭐야, 이게 literally translates into What is this? but the way Junsu says it, it would be more like What the hell?
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