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Hurricane - Chapter 8

Title: Hurricane (based off of Nolan's Inception)
Genre: Science-fiction, Thriller
Rating: PG-13
Characters: 2PM, Big Bang's TOP, f(x)'s Victoria
Summary: A team of eight delve into the subconscious of a criminologist who himself is well-versed in the art of dream mechanics. It isn't until they reached the depths of his mind do they find that he's as disturbed as the serial killers he deals with in his profession
A/N: Posters of each of the main characters will be posted with each new chapter.

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The show had started and Nichkhun waited until Jaebeom sent him a text to go ahead with the next part of the plan. Seung Hyun watched the show intently, as Nichkhun held his hand in his pocket, waiting for his phone to ring.

Wooyoung sat in between Seung Hyun and Nichkhun, his right hand gently caressing his own leg. Nichkhun caught him doing this, to which Wooyoung replied quietly through clenched teeth,

“What?! It’s soft!”

Wooyoung stopped touching himself and just laid his hands loosely on his lap, his left leg crossed over the other. He gave a small look to the blond man beside him, and Nichkhun shook his head in reply.

It was the third song of the musical when Nichkhun’s phone rang loudly, disrupting the projections sitting around him. Seung Hyun gave him an angry look, due to the impolite interruption Nichkhun was now making. Nichkhun stepped outside, passing through the legs of Seung Hyun’s subconscious projections, and waited outside, feigning as though he were speaking on the phone.

Nichkhun eventually made his way back inside. He made sure that his whispers to Wooyoung were extra loud so that Seung Hyun could not help but overhear. He made his apology to his date, explaining that the cooling off period of the Choi-Ji murders have decreased, and it was when he mentioned the name did Seung Hyun turn his head.

“Choi-Ji? The Choi Jiyeon murders?”

Nichkhun looked around, as if he acted that he cared what the projections around them thought and would potentially overhear.

“Please step outside, Seung Hyun hyung.”

The three of them walked past the legs of the projections seated in the same row and walked out the door of the theatre. They stepped onto the brightly lit marble floor of the walkway, and Wooyoung walked to the edge of the floor, to the chrome railing with glass panels and looked three floors down. He waved to Junsu, Chansung and Junho who he saw tucked under a bridge of the second floor. The three waited at the bar, and not waving back, Wooyoung assumed they didn’t see him.

Nichkhun and Seung hyun walked to the middle of the floor, halfway from the door they walked out of and the railing.

“We believe that the person that killed your sister has killed other young girls in Bundang, Ilsan, and now a village in Japan. In fact, the more recent murders have been isolated in that very village, so we believe that our unsub is still there. That message I received, it was to tell me that another girl has disappeared.”

Seung Hyun listened with a grimace on his face, confusion and anger melded into an expression.

“I don’t understand, why are you working a case in Japan if you were stationed in Quantico?”

Nichkhun’s ears became a little red due to the anger that was clear in Seung Hyun’s voice. He wasn’t very keen on being yelled at, but he maintained his composure and continued on with the script.

“I had prior knowledge on this case, so the FBI in Japan thought I would prove a valuable asset in profile the killer.”

“Why wasn’t I contacted then? That man killed my sister!” Seung Hyun said loudly, his voice angry.

“Quite frankly sir, they thought that you would be too emotionally invested and would prove to be detrimental to success the case rather than be beneficial.”

Seung Hyun walked to the side heatedly, his right hand running through his hair and his other on his hip. At this moment, Wooyoung cut in.

“Umm, let me get us some drinks downstairs. I have a feeling that we could use some right about now.”

Nichkhun nodded, as Seung Hyun pivoted on his heel, and continued looking frustratingly at the ground.

“How do you know it’s the same guy?”

“The same M.O. and the same victimology, all petite teenage girls. It’s highly likely that it’s the same man.”

Seung Hyun calmed himself down and asked when Nichkhun would be taking the next flight out to Japan, to which he replied,

“Well, we typically have less than 24 hours before the little girl turns up dead, so I have to be out of here within the next few hours.”

“Let me go with you,” Seung Hyun said.

At this stage of the plan, it didn’t matter what Seung Hyun did next. Wooyoung had gone downstairs to get the drinks that would then be used to drug Seung Hyun and to bring him down into the next level of the dream.

Nichkhun simply played along, at first rejecting his idea to accompany him into the next country but later complied with Seung Hyun’s insistence.

At around the same time, Wooyoung, in his dress, began walking down the stairs before running across the length of the building to take the elevator.

“Fucking heels, I’m fucking insane for wearing Louboutins, the fuck is wrong with me,” he swore as his knees continuously buckled under his weight as he ran.
When he got into the elevator, he quickly took off his heels and yelled out a sign of relief. Pressing the button for the ground floor, he waited, leaning on the wall of the elevator and stepped out barefoot onto the promenade to where Junho, Chansung and Junsu were waiting.

Chansung took a look at Wooyoung and choked on the drink he was sipping from.

“Uh—hi,” Chansung said, smiling at him.

“Pervert, it’s me,” Wooyoung said, adjusting his dress, “Nichkhun’s with Seung Hyun, we just need the drinks now. Everything’s set.”

“That’s quite an imagination you have there, Wooyoung,” Junsu said, standing behind Wooyoug and examining his—

“Aish—just hurry up and get to the room. You know where it is, right?”

Junho nodded before nudging Chansung’s arm, who so happened to get his hands on another banana.

Wooyoung took the drinks that the bartender prepared and held two in his right hand and the third in his left.

The four began heading for the elevator when at that moment, they heard a gun shot echo from the fourth floor.

“What the hell was that? What’s Nichkhun doing?!” Junsu said, yelling out loud.

“Somehting’s wrong, look,” Junho said, as he nodded his head to the bartender.

The four of them looked at him, who looked back with a menacing look on his face. Bowing slightly, it seemed as if he were reaching for something under the counter. In a split second, he pulled out two 1Glock 17s and began shooting at them.

“SHIT SHIT SHIT,” Junsu yelled, crying out, “GO FOR THE STAIRS, THE STAIRS.”

Wooyoung, who ditched his disguise, was now leading the three of them to a staircase tucked in behind the elevator wall panel.

“The projections are going to swarm, what the hell happened?” Junho cried out as he ran up the stairs.

“Smart idea holding a dreamscape within a building with 2500 or so people, Wooyoung,” Chansung said, who was in the last in the line, pulling out a gun from within his jacket, preparing to shoot any projections tailing behind them.

“They won’t come out unless they see people dead. We’re fine unless they see us shooting,” Wooyoung explained breathlessly.

When they reached the floor where Nichkhun and Seung Hyun were, the blond was busy shooting projections that were busy hiding behind the corner at the end of the pathway. The four ran to Nichkhun and Junsu pulled out guns and began shooting. Chansung targeted a pair of projections that had followed them through the elevator staircase, shooting them with guns in both his hands.

Junho saw that Seung Hyun had been shot, slowly slipping into unconsciousness.

“This is bad, this is bad,” he said, crouching down next to Seung Hyun, placing pressure on the gunshot wound. “What the hell happened?”

“I was talking to him, and someone took at shot at Seung Hyun from over there,” he said, pointing across the open floor to the opposite side of the balcony railing, “I tried to get him, but I only skimmed his shoulder.”

“Was he a projection?!” Wooyoung asked.

“How could he be? He shot Seung Hyun, not me!” Nichkhun shot one of the projections in the head.

“Maybe he missed?” Junho said, lifting Seung Hyun up.

“He was standing two metres away from me, there’s no way he could have hit Seung Hyun by accident.”

“Let’s just hurry and get to the room before we lose Seung Hyun for good. Hurry and take out those projections!”

Chansung, after killing his targets, walked swiftly past the rest and began shooting down the targets ahead of them. Junsu, who followed closely, waved his right hand as if to fan away smoke from the air, and the dead projections at the end of the hall disappeared as if they were smoke themselves. Junho lifted Seung Hyun onto his back, and said to Wooyoung,

“Wooyoung, go on ahead and Nichkhun, watch our backs. Call Jaebeom, Taecyeon and Victoria to meet us in the room. Chansung, Junsu, split up and kill and reap any of the projections you come across.”

Junho ran down the hall with Seung Hyun on his back with Wooyoung running in front of him with his pistol. Nichkhun, trailing behind, was on his phone talking with Victoria and Jaebeom leave immediately and not to alert the spectator projections. Chansung and Junsu later disappeared, having made a right turn. Junho weaved through hallways and fire staircases to reach a room that should not have existed, given the construction of the opera house. They climbed an additional four floors of the six story building and broke into a penthouse-like hotel suite and dumped Seung Hyun on the bed. He was slipping in and out of consciousness, when Junho examined Seung Hyun’s wound.

“It’s not that bad, he’ll be fine, but we need to get him hooked up immediately.

“Guess we didn’t need the drugs after all, huh,” Wooyoung said, bringing a large metal suitcase and thumping it on the bed. He later tossed the gun he was holding on to onto the bed next to Seung Hyun’s arm.

“Nope, but I would have definitely preferred not having to fight militarized projections. “

“Jaebeom and the rest are coming up soon, fighting their way through a few of the projections,” Nichkhun said, hanging up the phone, “I explained to them what happened,”

“We can talk about this later the next level up.”

“Leaving me out, sure,” Wooyoung said, sarcastically, hooking up the infusion line to Seung Hyun’s wrist.

“Will you be able to hold off projections, Wooyoung?” Chansung asked as he walked through the door.

“You underestimate me, Chansung-ah,” Wooyoung said, who seemingly summoned a pair of silver 2Para-Ordinance P18-9 pistols from thin air.


1This is a Glock 17 pistol.

2This is a Para-Ordinance P18-9 pistol. Wooyoung likes it because it's shiny.

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