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Hurricane - Chapter 9

Title: Hurricane (based off of Nolan's Inception)
Genre: Science-fiction, Thriller
Rating: PG-13
Characters: 2PM, Big Bang's TOP, f(x)'s Victoria
Summary: A team of eight delve into the subconscious of a criminologist who himself is well-versed in the art of dream mechanics. It isn't until they reached the depths of his mind do they find that he's as disturbed as the serial killers he deals with in his profession
A/N: Posters of each of the main characters will be posted with each new chapter.

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Jaebeom sat quietly in his seat with Victoria to his right. He patiently waited for Nichkhun’s call, as he twiddled his thumbs together while holding his phone in his hands. He looked to his right and saw Victoria grossly involved with the opera, her hand on her chest as she had a look of deep longing as a tenor held a long note. She sighed, to which Jaebeom asked,

“Do you even understand what he’s saying?”

Victoria turned her head slightly towards him, but instead of a scowl, as Jaebeom expected, she continued smiling, apparently still affected by the music.

1“It doesn’t matter whether or not you understand. Music is music. In fact, I often listen to music of different languages,” she said, adjusting the hem of her dress, “Because I’m not focused with the meaning of the words, there’s an emphasis with the way the language flows with the melody.”

Victoria paused and listened to the song again.

“French is a beautiful language, Park Jaebeom-sshi, the words just melt off the tongue.”

“I guess,” Jaebeom mumbled, flipping his phone open. At that moment, he received a call from Jaebeom. His phone vibrated in his hand and he quickly answered,

“Congratulations, Nichkhun-ah, we have completed PHASE ONE of our—“

“Seung Hyun’s been shot!” Nichkhun yelled through the phone. Jaebeom could hear gun shots in the background, and he quickly stood up and headed for the door. Victoria quickly stood with him, and whispered his name, but Jaebeom simply gestured him to follow. Victoria and Taecyeon stood and didn’t even bother pardoning themselves to the projections that were interrupted.

Jaebeom ran outside and dashed for the railing. He heard gunshots from a few floors up, and looked around for any projections that were targeting the others or themselves.

“What the shit is going on,” Taecyeon yelled out, hearing the gunshots.

“Seung Hyun’s been shot,” Jaebeom said, pulling out a gun from his holster. He was still on the phone with Nichkhun, who was quickly told him to meet the rest in the hotel room.

“WHAT!? HOW?!” Taecyeon said, pulling out his gun. Jaebeom began heading for the stairs to the upper level, with Taecyeon and Victoria following closely.

“I don’t know, we’ll find out once we get to the ro—“ a projection quickly appeared from the head of the staircase they were climbing and shot at Jaebeom, nearly grazing his shoulder. Victoria quickly disposed of him with the M16 Rifle she was now holding.

Taecyeon gave her a look as if to say, “What the fuck? How do you know how to use a rifle,” to which she replied,

“I’m an FBI Agent, and I like guns. Now, keep running and I’ll watch our backs, okay?” she said in a backhanded sweet manner.

“But where did you pull it out from?” Taecyeon said, running up with his head looking over his shoulder.

“From my bra, silly,” she answered sarcastically.

They headed up floors and came across one of the last long hallways before reaching their destination. A final right turn in the middle of the long hallway head to the room, but as Taecyeon turned the last corner, someone shot at him.

“FUCK,” Taecyeon cried out. He pushed himself against the wall, his shoulder grazed by the bullet, opening a rip in his jacket.

“Are you okay?” Jaebeom asked, pulling him down a little in order for him to see where he got hit. “It’s just a little blood, you’ll be fine.”

Admist the gunfire, someone jumped out into the middle of the hallway, yelling,

2“다 죽어버려어어어어!!!!!!!!”

He shot a few rounds from his machine gun, devastating the walls with bullet holes, prompting Taecyeon, Victoria and Jaebeom to dodge and jump a further distance away from the threshold and down the hall.

When the gun fire stopped, a moment of silence lingered. Victoria looked at Taecyeon with a weird look, before yelling out, “CHANSUNG-AH?!”

“Victoria-sshi?” he asked loudly from the hallway and walked under the threshold, and saw Victoria huddled in one corner, taking her hands off her ears. She dropped her rifle, dusted herself off and walked up to the younger and threw her clasped fists into his mid section, causing him to hunch over.

Straightening himself out, he sheepishly said, “3미아아안~“

He turned around and saw Taecyeon and Jaebeom on the ground, with annoyed faces, taking their hands off their respective ears. Chansung smiled innocently and shrugged his shoulders apologetically.

Junsu was at the end of the hall, also hiding behind the corner, came out and laughed uncomfortably.

“Sorry about that,” he said to Victoria who didn’t bother looking at him and walked past. He straightened out his suit as if it would help him save face, and followed closely behind her. Taecyeon and Jaebeom also walked on, their guns still in their hand, leaving Chansung last in line.

“I assume Nichkhun will tell us why Seung Hyun was shot?” Jaebeom asked, putting his gun into his holster.

“We can talk about this down in the next level. Is anyone staying with Wooyoung?” Taecyeon said, having being worried about the projections that might find their way through the maze.

“Maybe I’ll stay,” Chansung suggested from the back of the line.

Walking under the threshold, he asked whether or not Wooyoung would be able to hold them off.

“You underestimate me, Chansung-ah,” Wooyoung said, who seemingly summoned a pair of silver Para-Ordinance P18-9 pistols from thin air.

“Are you sure, because I can stay behind with you—“

“What you don’t think I can handle things on my own?” Wooyoung interrupted, his arms flung loosely to his sides.

“No no, it’s not that, it’s just you’ll be alone and projections are going to swarm, I just think that maybe I could help,”

“I’ll be fine,” Wooyoung said, giving him a smack on the back of his head with the handle of his gun, as he walked to close the door.

“Aish~he pistol whipped me!” Chansung he tattled to Junho, but he simply told him to hook up to the PASIV device.

Taecyeon and Jaebeom lied down on the floor at the foot of the bed, their wrists hooked up to infusion lines. Victoria placed the needle into her own and lied down onto the bed. Chansung, Junho and Junsu sat down on the long couch placed a few feet from the bed, their lines hooked up. Nichkhun was the last to get ready, having bandaged Seung Hyun.

Wooyoung looked at his clock on his cell phone and said, “Wonderful timing.” From the air vent above the bed, he heard a crescendo of notes, and he fluttered his right hand as if he were a conductor flourishing his wand in the air. He pressed down on the trigger, and waved childishly back at Nichkhun who slipped out of consciousness, lying next to the PASIV device.

Wooyoung was now alone in the room, standing above eight unconscious people. He stepped over Taecyeon and Jaebeom to get to the bag that held the remote control detonator across the room, only to find—

“Where’s the bag.”

He turned in place, looking around the room. Panicking slightly, he jumped over the bed, barely missing Victoria’s head when he stepped down on the mattress. He quickly crouched down to look underneath the bed, and when he found nothing, he stood up, his arms slightly outstretched in front of him in a quiet panic. Thinking back, he remembered that Junsu had the bag when they were at the bar, but amidst the gunfire from the bartender, he must have forgotten it.

Wooyoung breathed out angrily, and gave the unconscious Junsu an evil look.


1 This is basically my stance when people say "Why do you listen to KPop? You can't even understand what they're saying."
Also kinda the reason why I stopped listening to JPop like I used to. I find the language a bit choppier ^^;;

2 "다 죽어버려어어어어!!!!!!!!" Basically, Chansung's screaming out, "DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!"

3 "미아아안" translates into "Sooorry~"

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