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Hurricane - Chapter 10

Title: Hurricane (based off of Nolan's Inception)
Genre: Science-fiction, Thriller
Rating: PG-13
Characters: 2PM, Big Bang's TOP, f(x)'s Victoria
Summary: A team of eight delve into the subconscious of a criminologist who himself is well-versed in the art of dream mechanics. It isn't until they reached the depths of his mind do they find that he's as disturbed as the serial killers he deals with in his profession
A/N: Sorry for not updating for nine days. I moved into my apartment at my University and i've been busy D: I apologize for the long wait.

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Nichkhun sat quietly in his office, twiddling a pen in his hands as he hunched over his desk, an empty pad of paper in front of him and his laptop an arm’s length away. His screen was open to a blank document, and he himself wasn’t sure what he was supposed to be doing.

Taecyeon walked in with an armful of paperwork in a smart red jacket and boot cut dark jeans—apparently, they were permitted to dress down in the dream—and walked to Nichkhun’s desk.

“Writer’s block?” Taecyeon asked, placing the paperwork on the desk. He sat down on the edge, his back facing slightly towards Nichkhun, but he turned to look over his shoulder to face him.

“Not sure what I’m supposed to be pretending to do,” Nichkhun chuckled. He leaned back into his chair and lightly tossed the pen in front of him. He relaxed, his jacket, the same colour as Taecyeon’s, stretching with his arms as he placed his hands behind his bed.

“We should be getting Victoria’s call shortly. She should be leaving the hotel soon,” Taecyeon said, taking out a cell phone in his pocket.

“Hey, look what I found in the drawer of my desk,” Taecyeon said.

“You know, I’m glad Seung Hyun knows what these cell phones are like,” he added, choosing from a list of games from the menu, “Wasn’t sure if he knew what video games are.” Quickly becoming engrossed in the game, Nichkhun smiled. Nichkhun patiently waited, watching projections walk past his office door, as if they were real FBI Agents sorting and filing paperwork. Once Victoria arrived, they would be able to continue on with the plan, but until then, the rest of them simply had to wait. Beeps came from Taecyeon’s phone, his face just inches from the cell phone screen, quietly yelling in an uncharacteristically high pitched squeak whenever he won—or lost, Nichkhun couldn’t tell the difference. Every so often, Taecyeon would turn and smile his toothy grin at Nichkhun and giggle. Nichkhun would mile and watch in amazement of how childish Taecyeon could be. He had never seen this side of him since they first met; a childish dork-like personality emerged from the 6-foot-2 muscled man.

“What game are you playing anyway, Taecyeon-sshi?”

“I’m—not sure, but whenever I win, a cute dumpling appears and jumps up and down and—“ Nichkhun couldn’t make out the end of the sentence, because Taecyeon’s voice increased in frequency and he bobbed up and down in joy on his bum, shaking the desk a little.

Nichkhun smiled again and shook his head, refraining from questioning Taecyeon’s sudden appearance of his playful personality any longer.

“Has Victoria called yet?” Jaebeom said, walking into the room. His hands were inside the pockets of his pinstriped trousers, and he casually stepped in until he was in front of Nichkhun’s desk, awaiting his answer, but he leaned over slightly to see what Taecyeon was playing.

“No, she hasn’t, but in a few minutes, she’ll be leaving the hotel, so we’re expecting her call shortl—“

1“Why are you playing games when the leader is talking?” Jaebeom interrupted, clearly as absorbed by the game as Taecyeon was, and he slapped down the screen to cover the keypad, with which Taecyeon was using to play his game.

2오오오오오마이갓!!” Taecyeon screeched. He slid the phone back up, only to have Jaebeom slap the screen back down. Nichkhun watched as they repeated this routine a few more times before Nichkhun’s phone finally rang.

“Nichkhun-sshi,” Victoria said through the phone, “Agent Choi and me are heading to the bureau right now.” Her voice maintained a level of professionalism, probably due to the fact that Seung Hyun was in the car with her. “Get everyone ready for the meeting so we can start as soon as we get there.”

Victoria hung up her phone and looked at her closed cell phone in her hands. She sat next to the window on the left side of the backseat of the taxi, Seung Hyun sitting on the other end. Victoria turned to look at Seung Hyun and said,

“They’ll be ready once we get there, Seung Hyun-sshi.” She nodded and smiled at him, with him nodding unenthusiastically to her and turned back to face the window. “Seung Hyun-sshi, with all due respect, you won’t be permitted to participate in the discussion during the briefing,” Victoria said. Seung Hyun’s face turned to her a bit, his gaze now focusing downward, “they allowed your presence in the room, but because you’re too emotionally involved with the crime, your input may be more distracting than beneficial when figuring out the unsub’s profile.”

Victoria could sense that Seung Hyun was fuming, but his exterior remained composed and he nodded and looked back out the window.

The taxi eventually arrived at the bureau, and Seung Hyun exited the taxi first and walked to the other side. He opened Victoria’s door and politely held her hand as she stepped out of the car. Victoria put her bag over her shoulder and tucked her cell phone back into her bra before walking into the lobby. Seung Hyun followed closely behind her, his hands in his pockets. The both entered the elevator at the end of the brightly lit lobby, Victoria’s heels clacking against the birch hardwood floor on the way, and shared a silence. Reaching the third floor, the pair walked through a common workplace with open cubicles before entering a meeting room.

Nichkhun, who was standing at the end of the room by a white board with a marker in hand, noticed Victoria as she walked in and bowed to the two of them. Taecyeon who stood beside him, his hand placed on one of several large crime scene photos attached to the board, also turned and bowed. All other seated members around the table stood up to greet the pair that had just entered. Victoria gestured to Seung Hyun to take one of the seats closest to the door, near the back of the room, while Victoria walked to take a seat beside Junho, who pulled a seat out for her.

“Welcome, Seung Hyun-sshi, I’m glad that you were able to make it,” Nichkhun said, “now, I think we can get the briefing started.”

“So what do we got?” Junho asked, sitting back down, his hands outstretched onto the table, clasped together.

“Sawajiri Erika, 15 years old, was killed in the Chibu village in the Shimane Prefecture last night, raped and killed by having her throat slashed ,” Nichkhun said, as Junho reached to the centre of the table to pick up the crime scene photo. Victoria flinched slightly next to him, turning her gaze to the left.

“The cause of death matched that of four previous victims. The first, Choi Jiyeon,16 years old” Seung Hyun’s expression did not change as Nichkhun explained, “the second, 16-year-old 3Jennifer Kim, both killed in Seoul, South Korea, six and three months ago respectively. A month ago, the murders seemed to have relocated to Japan. A 15-year old girl was killed the same way in Tokyo a month ago, then another in the same village as Sawajiri Erika a week ago.”

“Cooling time is decreasing,” Taecyeon said, “do you think he’s devolving?”

“I don’t think so, the cause of death from the latest victim is the same as the first. If he were devolving, he would start making mistakes, but the police haven’t recovered any clues from the crime scene. He’s becoming more impulsive, but he’s just as crafty as ever,” Nichkhun said.

“Are Chansung and Junsu on their way to the village to check the crime scene out?” Jaebeom asked.

“Either that or they’re stuck in the line at the grocery store,” Junho joked.

“Excuse me, Nichkhun, you neglected to mention the probable profile for the killer,” Seung Hyun spoke up, his eyes drawn to the piece of paper that he lifted off the table.

Nichkhun, 4confused, stepped closer to the table and looked at the same copy of the document that Seung Hyun now begun to read aloud.

5“Due to both of his parents being mentally ill, the unsub is believed to have grown up in a violent household. His mother is believed to be bipolar and an undifferentiated schizophrenic, and his father suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Due to this, the unsub grew up clinically depressed almost all his life. A large number of all serial killers have some form of mental illness in their family, and not unlike the unsub, both his parents suffered psychological disorders which they largely took out on our killer. They beat each other as much as they beat their son, so violence became a natural expression of love.”

Taecyeon and Jaebeom looked at each other, and then to Nichkhun, who still remained puzzled but attentive to Seung Hyun’s dictation.

“Inside the brain is a hypothalamic region of the limbic system and is the most primitive part. It wants what it wants, without conscious and without judgement. In most children, a healthy relationship with their mother affects the brain in such a way that it helps to negate the primitiveness of the hypothalamus, and maps the child’s brain for healthy emotional responses. However, for the unsub, he never learned control, and it still operates on that primitive level.

Through puberty, the unsub did not have a healthy sexual development. Sex and love were cross-wired with pain in his head, and with his underdeveloped control over his hypothalamic region in his brain, he cannot control these urges. No functional sexual partner will ever willingly submit to the painful desires that our unsub has, and the only way he can serve his urges is by making sure they do exactly what he wants them to do, and the only way he can ensure this is by killing them.”

Seung Hyun looked up from the table, his expression still has cold as when he walked into the room. The team members in the room all shared awkward puzzled looks with each other, and then turned their heads to look at Nichkhun.

Nichkhun continued looking at the paper, and then muttered to himself,

“This sounds familiar.”

At that moment, Nichkhun’s cellphone rang, and he excused himself and turned around to take the call, his back facing the others.

“What?!” Nichkhun said loudly, his voice alone exhibiting the shock in his voice, “Okay, we’ll take the jet.” Nichkhun turned around as he hung up his cell phone, his eyebrows furrowed together.

“That was Junsu. They got him.”

“What?!” Junho asked, sitting up from his slightly slouched position in his chair.

“They got him, the killer. They have him.”


1Any 2PM fan that has watched Wild Bunny can remember this funny intereraction between Taecyeon and Jaebeom during episode 7.

2오오오오오마이갓!!!!! translates into "Oooooooooohmigod"

[info]ennie03 wanted to be in this storyㅡㅡ''

4His expression should look something like this
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5Almost taken word-for-word from Criminal Minds from Season 3, Episode 14, Damaged
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